Funnel Secrets Review

Today I’m taking a look at a new training called Funnel Secrets:

After being in the internet marketing business full time since Feb 2014, doing hundreds of product reviews, and speaking to countless customers personally I have learned one thing for sure. People do not like training. Well actually its not so much that they don’t like it but more so that they don’t see it as being  as valuable as software and other tools.
Unfortunately this perception is far from the truth.
Think about something for a second. What is more valuable to a surgeon: his scalpel or the  intense training and education he went though? Does having a scalpel suddenly make someone a surgeon? Nope. Obviously the thing that makes a surgeon a surgeon is his training not his tool.  The thing that makes a lawyer a lawyer is his training, not a sharp suit. The thing that makes a carpenter a carpenter is his training not his hammer and having the best oven and cookware in the world is not going to make anyone a master chef.
Its the same thing with people who want to be internet marketers. Software is a tool of the trade for sure. But tools are just tools. Buying a software is no more likely to make you an internet marketer than buying a paint set is likely to make you Michelangelo. In the end if you want to be a highly skilled professional what you need is quality training. Then once you have the training you can start looking for tools to make implementing that training easier.
I decided to take a look at ‘Funnel Secrets’ because I know how important training is. Not only from the logical sense I mentioned above but from a personal sense. When I first started my carrier as an internet marketer I made tons of mistakes, silly mistakes, costly mistakes, mistakes I am not to proud of. Because of this, even though I fully know that training is not nearly as exciting as some super cool push button BS software, I take the time to check them out when they are released. I know the value of training and I really want to do what I can to make others understand that value as well.
‘Funnel Secrets’ as you would probably guess is a training about building funnels (something I did not do myself initially). Its centered around people who want to launch or sell their own products (something I highly suggest people do), and explains the importance and the process of building a profitable funnel for your products.
The training is created and released by Sam Bakker under the brand name JVZoo Academy (a brand endorsed by the JVZoo network). It is broken up into three main parts.
First is the video training, which you can see a screenshot of at the beginning of this review. This training has a welcome video by Sam, 3 case studies, and 3 webinar replays. I will be totally honest, at the time of me writing this the case studies where still being edited and where not available for me to review. However as someone who knows Sam personally I can say with confidence that they will be not only quality, but real case studies.
Second is the exclusive Facebook group, which all Funnel Secrets customers get access to. In this group you can ask questions, get guidance, an share ideas with other Funnel Secrets customers.
Finally there is the full PDF guide, that is chalked full of step by step information that explains both the why and the how of building funnels:
This guide is where you are going to spend most of your time when learning inside of the Funnel Secrets training. While I did not read the entire thing I did read much of it. As I was reading it I found myself nodding in agreement. Many of the things thought are things that I personally use in my business and things that I know very well. Of course I know them because I am a well established marketer who generates over one million dollars per year in gross revenue. If your just getting started though these are going to be pearls of wisdom you do not want to miss out on. In fact I will go out of my way to say that should you make the considerably wise decision to invest in Funnel Secrets you should not only go through the entire training guide, you should go through it multiple times until you know it by heart. This the stuff that business’s are built on.
If your looking for some kind of push button insta-cash software that is going to make you rich over night well then your in luck! I’m going to tell you exactly where it is right now! Its somewhere over the rainbow, next to the pot of gold, riding on the back of the purple unicorn. On your way there you can swing buy the fountain of youth as well! Obviously Im trying to make a point, and the point is that there is no thing as a get rich software.
Software is a tool nothing more and nothing less and having the best tools in the world will never make you a skilled professional. If you want to be sucessful you need to be skilled, if you want to be skilled you need knowledge, if you want to be knowledgeable you need great training.  An excellent training to have for anyone serous about the internet marketing business is Funnel Secrets.

Bonus: In the spirit of empowering people with high quality training I decided to give away my  ” Bretts Circle” training that explains the exact process I used to start, run, and continue to grow, my seven figure per year online business. You can actually head over to right now and pick it up for $97 but that would be silly since you can get it for free as my special Funnel Secrets bonus:

But Im not just going to give you my Bretts Circle training, I’m going to give you a free upgrade to ‘Unlimited Agency’ that will not only let you have this course for yourself, but will also let you sell the entire thing as your own product, with everything  done for you! This is a VERY limited time bonus though and you MUST not only pick up Funnel Secrets though my link before the timer runs out below, you must also claim your bonus before the timer runs out:

Click here to get Funnel Secrets and instant access to Bretts Circle (with a free unlimited agency upgrade). I have added access instructions right inside of JVZoo so you can get it right away!

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